OE3 JATC: A remarkable story

Be a part of History

Training has been a priority for Operating Engineers since its inception in 1939; journey-level operators have always been encouraged to teach newcomers on the job and pass their skills down to the next generation. However, a more specific plan to teach new operators began in 1961, when California’s apprenticeship program was born.

After years of holding trainings in high schools, gyms and at different college campuses throughout the state, a permanent site, the Rancho Murieta Training Center (RMTC) was officially opened in Sloughhouse, Calif. in 1969. With this new site, came great building efforts within the Rancho Murieta community, and Operating Engineers apprentices and journey-level operators were a huge part in that development. California governor at the time, Ronald Reagan, even came out to support the effort.

The RMTC site was expanded recently to include property 30 times the size of the original training site, now located in Sacramento County, 8.3 miles from the Sloughhouse headquarters. (Both sites are still in operation today). The new facility’s name was changed to the Operating Engineers Local 3 Journeyman and Apprentice Training Center (OE3 JATC) and is responsible for creating skilled and trained Operating Engineers at every stage of their development and instilling in them, right from the start, an education and understanding of the value of unionism. Simply put, unionism is the idea that we are all stronger together than when we are apart, in terms of our wages, our access to jobs, our safety, our well-being and of course, our access to training. This is as true then, as it is today! Come and be a part of history!

Did you know?

The Rancho Murieta community located in Sacramento County was only possible because of the work of the Operating Engineers, whose presence, in building the training facility, made them largely responsible for building the many lakes, the airport, the golf course, the country club and the housing pads for the entire Rancho Murieta community.

The OE3 JATC site in Rancho Murieta was the very first cluster of buildings to form between the airport and the Village motorhome community. It all started when Local 3’s Vice President Dale Marr was assigned to find a piece of property to train Local 3 apprentices. The Pension Trust Fund bought the 2,200-acre Granlee Ranch for $1.25 million and another 1,300 acres from smaller farms. The facility was dedicated in 1969, and California gov. Ronald Reagan and San Francisco mayor Joseph Alioto were a part of the prestigious crowd. The training center’s administration building sits on that original property today, as does 60 dorm rooms, classrooms, a cafeteria, a workshop and recreation facility. The heavy-equipment training now takes place off Meiss Road on 1,500 acres.


















A Legacy of Greatness

From 1969 to today, the training for Operating Engineers Local 3 apprentices continues to be the best in the country, if not the world. Classes and technology may continue to change, but our commitment to training the best in the best remains steadfast.

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