The Operating Engineers Local 3 Journeyman & Apprentice Training Center (OE3 JATC) is dedicated to providing highly skilled, safe and productive Operating Engineers. The OE3 JATC is a central component in ensuring Local 3 members can enhance their specialized skills and advance their professional knowledge in order to remain and exceed the standard of their trades.


(Note, those wanting to become surveyors or inspectors, have their own training. See top navigation bar.)

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Journeyman & Apprentice Training Center

Located 22 miles southeast of Sacramento, the California OE3 JATC site consists of an 11-½-acre campus, with an additional 1,500 acres devoted to crane, heavy equipment, CDL and a maintenance area, where hands-on training is conducted. The facilities are used to upgrade and multiply the equipment skills of members of the country’s largest construction union in North America, Operating Engineers Local 3.

Instruction is on an ongoing basis during the six-week Probationary Orientation Period (POP) for new apprentices. After the probationary period, apprentices are required to successfully complete 80 hours of Supplemental-Related Training (SRT) for each step of the Apprenticeship Program, usually once a year.

The OE3 JATC also offers continuing education and training for journey-level operators. Rapidly changing technology in the construction industry creates a need for continuous training to stay relevant and marketable in your field. We provide that.

Your Career Begins Now!

Remember: The training is at no cost to you, and once you complete the initial eight-week training, starting wages with an annual cost-of-living increase are $25.87 an hour. Our jurisdiction is from the Kern County line to the Oregon border. All applicants must reside in our area to be considered for the program.

Tips For Applying

Step one


In order to get an application, you must watch the mandatory orientation video. After watching, follow the instructions in the video to receive an application.




Step two

A driver record (DMV printout) from the DMV website or the DMV office will be accepted.




Step three

After receiving your application, a letter will arrive within 60 days to notify you of the ASVAB test date and time. If you do not receive a letter after 60 days, call 916-354-2029 to inquire about your application.




Step four

Any updates or changes to your application must be done in writing and mailed to the Training Center.



Easy transition for our veterans

Regardless of your Military Occupational Specialty (MOS), you are pre-qualified to be an Operating Engineer. Our Apprenticeship Program provides a smooth transition from a career in the military to a career in construction, and your service papers guarantee a virtually free entrance into our training program.




California JATC

14738 Cantova Way

Sloughhouse, CA 95683